Exciting customers,
exciting challenges,
diverse opportunities.

At what when why®, we employ people who understand that live communication is the most successful form of communication – if content, strategies and corporate cultures are permanently anchored and sustainably lived.

People with experience who want to improve continuously. And who want to gain more and more experience in order to improve continuously.

We are looking for people with a lot of self-confidence, empathy, persuasiveness and consistent service orientation. People who take responsibility – for themselves, their projects and in cooperation with colleagues.

We offer these people a great team with exciting customers, flexible working hours, a lot of development potential and lots of prospects. Supporting communication processes lasting several years is not an exception, but the rule with us.

So if you’re not looking for a job, but for exciting challenges and sustainable career options – then we’ll see you soon for a macchiato at the what when why® Café.

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