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A holistic view
with a keen eye for details.

Welcome to what when why®

With an eye on your strategy
and a clear focus on your success.

what when why®- your events agency in Stuttgart

Involving and activating people –
effective communication.

That's how Emotion Engineering works

Intensive familiarisation,
developing the perfect solution.

In Stuttgart, Germany and worldwide

Collaboration as partners,
with the best possible results.

Perfect live communication with guaranteed success

Carsten Knieriem
Managing Director

what when why® – our formula for success:
Emotion Engineering

Events Agency in Stuttgart – what when why
The fact that our name consists of a series of questions is a statement in itself. When you come to us, we ask plenty of questions and listen to your answers attentively – we immerse ourselves in your company’s strategy and your current task.

This gives us an in-depth understanding of your language, culture and communication goals – and we can then develop communication concepts that allow the emotional and factual dimensions to merge into one. We call this Emotion Engineering.



Reaching people means reaching goals.

We see live communication as a long-term process. All of our concepts focus on activating people and getting them involved. The participants are an important and active component of our events; they help shape the entire communication process – and in doing so participate in the success story which is written together.

The best way
to convince is
to demonstrate.

The mix makes the difference.
Our clients.

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Why choose
what when why®?

USP x 3

Radical client benefits.
We don’t want satisfied clients – we want inspired clients.

Involve. Activate. Participate.
We create an impact. With a guarantee! That’s why our fee is determined by your success.
Want to know more about our success-related fees?

Long-term enthusiasm.
We transform participation into involvement and turn target groups into convinced partners, active stakeholders and enthusiastic multipliers.
Our aspirations – Unmistakeable. Likeable. Personal. Would that suit your company?