Public speaking and moderating coaching Public speaking and moderating coaching

“People don’t talk to subjects, people talk to people!”
And who could place your messages more authentically with your target groups than people from your own company? We coach your moderators and your speakers for an effective appearance: from the board of directors to the employees.

Essentially, there are three success factors:
1. enthusiasm for the topic and the goals.
2. clarity of the message: less is often more.
3. penetration of the message.

We pay particular attention to the effectiveness of the so-called “concerted message”. This means that all contributions are provided with a coherent wording and consistently pay attention to the important communication goals.

With a specially developed moderator and speaker training, we prepare your protagonists for the big performance in a goal-oriented and pragmatic way. Our goal: an authentic, likeable, competent and entertaining appearance that helps to anchor your communication goals in the minds of the participants.