Public speaking and moderating coaching Public speaking and moderating coaching

From board member to employee: who could position your message with your target groups more effectively than someone from your own company? No one. And it is precisely for this reason that we recommend the use of internal moderators for many events and provide coaching for both moderators and speakers. There are essentially two key success factors to consider here.

1. It is important that the message is concise – less is often more.
2. The penetration of the message is crucial – the so-called “concerted message”. Considering the important themes from various perspectives and in doing so cashing in on the same messages, will pretty much automatically lead to success. With a training programme for moderators and speakers that we have developed ourselves, we prepare your protagonists for their big appearance in a targeted and pragmatic fashion. Our goal: a confident, likeable, competent and authentic performance – that will help your participants get a real grasp of your communication goals.