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We at what when why love challenges: Eight weeks after the TRUMPF Gala 100, two major events – around the 100th birthday of the TRUMPF company – took place simultaneously on July 8, each with nearly 5,000 participants: At the headquarters of the high-tech company in Ditzingen and at the laser location in Schramberg. 

The TRUMPF Festival 100 in Ditzingen and the Mission Future in Schramberg were the next big event highlights and fascinating challenges for what when why in TRUMPF’s anniversary year. The focus was on the employees and their families. In both locations, our task was to make the great appreciation as well as the extraordinary team spirit and cohesion in the company tangible and to strengthen them. 

Two tailor-made, innovative concepts were created, which took up the TRUMPF corporate purpose as well as the company history and implemented them impressively and sustainably by means of perfectly planned theme worlds. The view into the future was also always present and tangible. Above all, however, the focus of the staging was on thanking the employees at all locations.

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