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When presenters, immersive spaces and high-resolution 3D product films merge into an innovative, globally accessible customer sales event in a greenscreen studio.

For many weeks, meticulous preparations have been underway in the high-tech studio in Crailsheim. More than 20 specialists are now ready to broadcast DÜRR’s very first immersive online event. Utmost concentration. Total silence. In only a few moments the Dürr NEXT.assembly Innovation Summit 2022 will begin with its global live broadcast. Over 300 customers and other interested parties across the planet have logged in to this event. A powerful outcome for this special interest B-to-B format. 14:59 – 3, 2, 1 and action! 

In the following 150 minutes, this powerful team, consisting of the what when why communication agency, the UP Designstudio as well as technical service providers, will stage global innovations from the specialists for final assembly in one unique streaming format.  

With their presentations, Dürr experts invite the participants, sitting in front of their screens, on a breathtaking, virtual journey, that leads them from one technical highlight to the next. From modular to turnkey solutions and including comprehensive consultation and implementation concepts. A journey that allows participants to dive deeply into innovations and solutions, in the truest sense of the word: Impressive, versatile and informative. All the customer benefits in a nutshell – clearly and with emotional quality. With experts on standby in the chat, to explain any technical features in even more detail. This experience is made possible through high-resolution, immersive projection technology, in a 180 degree greenscreen studio.  

Why did the Dürr NEXT.assembly Innovation Summit take place digitally? In the beginning of 2020, Dürr merged competence centres from various sites under the umbrella Dach NEXT.assembly. However, machines and components will continue to be manufactured decentrally. Should one be interested in viewing the facilities and solutions on site, one would have to travel all over Europe. A huge logistical effort. Never mind the carbon footprint generated by such a multitude of on-site events. Further weighty arguments for implementing the Innovation Summit in the form of an immersive online event are: The enormous increase in range, with regard to (potential) customers as well as the outstanding options, innovative products and solutions for creating a “state of the art” event. 

17.30 – Some final words are addressed to the (potential) customers. With a heartfelt “Goodbye”, the presenter bids her international viewers farewell. And only a few moments later it becomes clear that the new format is a huge success. Consistently stable broadcasting, a limited bounce rate. And immediate, positive feedback from customers and employees for the responsible persons at Dürr, as well as the project team, after only a few minutes: The innovative presentation formats from a single source more than perfectly met the requirements for presenting the innovative solutions. 
Mission accomplished: Numerous requests for detailed introductions of individual products, modules and solutions arrive at Dürr Sales. A milestone was achieved. The birth of a new chapter in final assembly. Dürr NEXT.assembly.

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