Online and Hybrid Event Online and Hybrid Event

The event industry is growing: In addition to live events with their outstanding appeal, there are also location-independent event formats such as online or hybrid events.

What was originally conceived merely as a solution enabling both a live and an online audience to see the same content at the same time is now becoming an integral part of corporate communications.

Since 2017, www has been offering contemporary online and hybrid events and implementing them for companies worldwide.

Staged both in virtual space and LIVE, these online events – with multiple interaction possibilities for the participants – are streamed and broadcast on a dedicated online channel.

The core of the solution is a real or virtual space: the “Event Studio”. The speakers, experts, panels and moderators act in this event studio as if they were on an event stage in an event location. We pay special attention to the appropriate dramaturgy. Live parts, emotionalising scenarios, gamification and entertainment elements as well as professional, media clips impressively underline the content.

The participants take part online via a password-protected access. They can actively and live participate in the events in the “Event Studio”: Q+A, voting, Wall of Ideas, etc. Virtual breakouts in small groups and group chats are also possible.
The www EventApp can be fully integrated conceptually and technically into this solution.

Last but not least: With virtual trade fairs and showrooms, we expand the spectrum and reach of our customers sustainably.