The what when why® - formula for success:
Emotion Engineering

The fact that our name consists of a series of questions is a statement in itself. When you come to us, we ask plenty of questions and listen to your answers attentively – we immerse ourselves in your company’s strategy and your current task.

This gives us an in-depth understanding of your language, culture and communication goals – and we can then develop communications concepts that allow the emotional and factual dimensions to merge into one. We call this Emotion Engineering.

We work with you to develop live communication events that bear your own particular signature and make a significant contribution to giving your target groups orientation, motivation and identification with your message. Events that not only communicate content but also activate and involve your participants emotionally.

This turns participation into involvement and target groups into convinced partners, active stakeholders and enthusiastic multipliers.

From consulting and the creation of a concept for your event right through to its precise implementation, we will guide you through all the complex processes of live communication.

And this is something we do regardless of whether we are organising a change event, a corporate event, a management meeting, a product launch, an anniversary celebration or any other form of live communication from our Portfolio.

Reaching people
means reaching goals.
Emotion Engineering

We see live communication as a long-term process.
All of our concepts focus on activating people and getting them involved. The participants are an important and active component of our events; they help shape the entire communications process – and in doing so participate in the success story which is written together.

The result: Communication processes that:

  • are measurably successful
  • continuously contribute to your company’s success
  • are an authentic match for the situation in your company
  • turn stakeholders into ambassadors
  • create a sense of community
  • can also address critical themes

The what when why® success guarantee

Our concepts work. Guaranteed. How can we be so sure? Because of our years of experience – and because we constantly strive to improve what we do and set new standards. This was how we created Emotion Engineering, our recipe for success – one that can be broken down into a simple formula:

Involve. Activate. Participate.

That’s how we measure ourselves. We do our job so well that we offer you a guarantee. Your success determines our fee – simply get in touch to find out more.