Event app: www InterACT Event app: www InterACT

Welcome to the digital era! Before, during and after the event: the most important information, the participant’s own agenda, interviews with opinion leaders and influencers, matchmaking, a live chat function and the photo gallery of the event – with an app that is specially adapted to your event, your guests will always have all the things they need on their screens.

With www InterACT, we offer a modular, mobile event app solution that fulfils all the requirements of digital, online interaction. We can configure the app precisely to your expectations and ideas and can offer you comprehensive advice on the best way to make use of this effective tool. A further plus point: the app uses the same Content Management System (CMS) as our tool for participant registration www EasyGUEST – this has to be the most efficient way to make use of visitor data.

Event app: www InterACT